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The Creamer offers a middle-ground between big-mountain bravado and freeride flow. Its directional, lightly tapered outline shape was designed to work in the broadest range of conditions, so that supreme floatation isn’t at the cost of lack-lustre edge-hold and vice versa. Flowing like water through untracked forests and scoring arcs across corduroy are all in a day’s work for the Creamer. Its volume-packed, smoothly-rising tip geometry irons-out bumps and generates unbelievable floatation in deep snow. Directional Cruise Camber loads the Creamer’s tail with extra power for stomping landings and spraying turns. Targeted placement of Basalt and Carbon reinforcement add stiffness and damping in critical areas to aid stability in harrowing terrain and predictability in choppy snow conditions.


E asy and instinctive, the Stereo makes snowboarding so damn simple that you can refocus your mind on seeking out side-hits, popping huge ollies and boning-out tricks like it’s ’95 again. The Stereo’s Hybrid-V profile combines mega pop, by placing positive camber areas beneath the feet, with the loose, catch-free feeling that comes from placing rocker at the waist. We added a Carbon Pop Band from tip-to-tail for extra ollie power and it has a Sintered 7 base for a smooth glide. Morning Freshies or cruising park, the Stereo’s blunted true twin shape and All-Terrain Tips can handle it all.


F or the women that guide the troop on a powder day and smoke the boys down every black trail, there’s the LoveLife. Far more badass than its name would suggest, this little pocket rocket features the same materials, tech and powerful feel as Amplid’s demanding men’s snowboards. Amplid’s design team took the Paradigma, a legendary all-mountain performer, brought in the waist by a centimeter and fine-tuned the flex for lighter riders. Targeted reinforcements include an explosive Carbon Pop Band to invigorate the flex and tranquilizing Basalt Suspension Strips to damp destabilizing lumps and bumps. Directional Cruise Camber is a hybrid that blends a powerful camber cavity through most of the running length with a touch of early rise in the nose. This time-proven recipe perfectly balances hard snow performance with autopilot powder cruising.


Soft and easy to ride, the GoGo makes learning intuitive and riding fun. Ideal for inexperienced women snowboarders, the GoGo’s forgiving nature, nurtures progression. Raised contact points and a soft flex pattern cut the tumble-count, aiding quick and painless improvement to your snowboarding. Its all-terrain abilities originate from Hybrid-V: This rocker dominant bend, which has sections of energy-charged camber beneath the bindings, balances hard snow grip with powder day floatation. And for the budding-freestylers, this lively “best of both world’s” hybrid camberline loves to pop, press, butter and pivot flat land tricks and launch from park jumps and sidehits. Its low maintenance Extruded 4 base material and hard-wearing Rockwell steel edges complete a snowboard which will support progression, winter-after-winter, for years to come.