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For more than 30 years I’ve been addicted to the centrifugal forces generated by turning a snowboard. The deep, thigh burning compression at the apex and the weightlessness of being slingshot out of a carve into the next, are sensations completely unique to snowboarding. I find it funny that something so fundamental to snowboarding should be in or out of fashion, but trends are, and always have been, part of our sport. The last time carving was this cool I had a pony tail and I wore a one-piece, which at the time were both the height of fashion. In the 25 winters since, I’ve learned a lot about designing snowboards; how geometry, flex pattern and materials can be manipulated to create different performance parameters. Taking these learnings and creating snowboards that feel confident and soulful when carving has been a priority in every snowboard that has ever carried the Amplid name, but now I feel the time is right for something extra special. With the Centrifugal Collection, my vision was to create a series of snowboards with different shapes and characters, but which all maximise the thrill of “on-edge” snowboarding. This flagship threesome combines unique geometry with the most cutting-edge materials in snowboarding. The result is a quiver of snowboards with shapes designed for different terrain which, without exception, carve through hard, soft and choppy conditions like a hot knife through butter.


With its heavy taper, retro tail and Crust Buster 3D nose shaping the Surfari is the deep snow specialist in the Centrifugal Collection. Its pow-centric geometry boosts floatation and agility, but despite its unambiguous appearance, the Surfari rips on packed snow conditions too. By placing AntiphaseTM Technology in the Surfari’s low-rising nose, Amplid can keep chatter, which normally plagues rocker noses, to a minimum. Unaffected by the lumps and bumps and armed with a relaxed 9m sidecut, the Surfari is truly capable of carving turns anywhere. To label the Surfari a pow board is totally unfair, because no matter if the snow conditions are chest deep blower or manmade groomers, you’ll relish every turn you rail on the Surfari!


For more than 10 years the UNW8 has set a standard for edge-orientated snowboards. Loaded with Amplid’s signature HEXO2 honeycomb construction and Amplid’s premium Sintered 7 HD base, its hallmark characteristics of vapor-weight construction and brutal performance make other high-end snowboards irrelevant. Now, as part of Amplid’s Centrifugal Collection, the latest incarnation of the UNW8 is upgraded with AntiphaseTM Technology. AntiphaseTM is an advanced damping system which neutralizes vibrations, without sapping pop and life from its flex. As smooth and controlled as a Bullet Train at terrifying speeds in every terrain, the UNW8 will push you beyond your comfort zone, in comfort.


P eter Bauer’s soulful, surf-inspired carving style inspired the public to fall in love with carving the first time around. Designed by Peter, the Pentaquark, with its futuristic geometry and construction, breathes new life into the “carving board” concept. A little extra width at the feet makes deep carves possible without ridiculous binding angles. Full length Pop Camber transforms the Pentaquark into a coiled spring, bursting with energy and ready to catapult its rider out of each turn and into the next. HEXO2 strips unnecessary weight from the construction for a dynamic and highly responsive board feel. Squaring-off the tail, like a race board, maximises the Pentaquark’s effective edge for next level edge hold. Its All-Terrain nose cavity adds deep snow capability while AntiphaseTM reigns-in tip chatter to keep the Pentaquark’s edges engaged and holding speed. Release the centrifugal animal in you! .


Ambassadors, mountain guides, internet forums and test days; each year feedback and inspiration from every credible source is painstakingly collected and contemplated to evolve and improve the Milligram. Neat, little tweaks and huge innovations are what keep its weight and ride superior. Every trick in the book is used to keep this weight-weenie as light and as durable as possible. Carbon fiber, which has an unbelievable stiffness to weight ratio, replace conventional fiberglass. Our secret recipe BBP core not only cuts weight, but helps to damp carbon’s nervous character. Tanga Tech reduces chipping and slashes 250g of unnecessary weight. New Powder Pontoon, a band of UD carbon running from tip-to-tail along each board half, and additional reinforcement beneath the climbing wires increase spanning-strength reducing the risk of a dreaded snowhole snap. Amplid’s split-specific edge tune and Karakoram’s new UltraClips round-off the improvements.


A fter experiencing the shocking weight advantage of the Milligram’s construction, it’s impossible to revert to heavier alternatives. The Millisurf is the choice for splitters who want the performance orientated materials and features of the Milligram in a more surfy board shape. Carbon laminates, a BBP core and low viscosity resin, also known as the holy trinity of splitboard construction, strip weight like it’s going out of fashion, making ascents fast and painless. The tapered swallow-tail shape of the Surfari, with its unique three-dimensional Crust Buster Nose, transform this thoroughbred climber into the ultimate split for pillaging powder. Innovative thinking is how Amplid approaches durability: Tanga Tech, Glass Impact Pads and Powder Pontoon are three cleverly placed reinforcements which solve the problem of chipping, crack propa- gation and bending failure which can plague lightweight carbon splitboards… but not this one


The backcountry is an unpredictable environment which hides changeable snow-conditions and challenging terrain around every corner. You won’t always ride Hollywood pillow lines and snow-laden spines; sometimes the reality is an icy traverse or a sketchy, wind-affected drop-in. But don’t despair, when conditions get tough, the Creamer always proves its worth. Designed from time-earned experience, the Creamer Split handles a broad range of conditions and excels in powder too. Its Directional Cruise Camber, Amplid’s freeride staple, combines precise camber with a broad, distinctive, early-rise nose. Edging down icy couloirs, it’s the Creamer’s restrained taper and dependable camber, which extends through the tail of the board, that allow every centimetre of effective edge to be exploited for secure, reliable edge-hold. Basalt Suspension Strips are there to take the edge off unwanted chatter. In touring mode, the Creamer Split‘s underfoot camber distributes pressure evenly along each ski for consistent skin traction. Thanks to Its smooth nose cavity, breaking trail after a snowfall quickly becomes second nature.


E xtended your pow-hunting range with short skinning missions, or pioneer further into the backcountry with the LoveLife Split’s lightweight, well thought-out design. Based on the mountain-conquering LoveLife, the Split’s shape and well-matched Direction Cruise Camber profile strike the perfect balance between control and maximizing deep snow enjoyment. It’s true, there are lighter splitboards, but very few boards deliver such a well-rounded package with such a reasonable price tag. On the construction front, the LoveLife’s full-wrap steel edges are essential for grip during tricky traverses and durability for rocky climbs. Its Voile insert pattern is the industry standard and features on all Amplid splitboards: It is compatible with bindings from most manufacturers, including Voile, Karakoram and Spark R&D. New UltraClips, the second generation of Karakoram’s market-leading board clips, not only look slick, they offer the best mix of durability and performance.


The Augment binding is based on the time proven, fiber-reinforced chassis and winged highback of Amplid’s long-running Balance binding. New webbed, injection moulded straps intensify the Augment’s responsiveness and are ultra-durable. A padded EVA foot bed with areas of silicone padding takes the sting out of heavy landings. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of Amplid’s Auto-Open straps you’ll never look back. Customisable for powder riding with Amplid’s Surf Strap.


Go get pitted bro Customise your Augment bindings for shredding the deep stuff. Replacing your rear ankle strap with the narrower and softer Surf Strap loosens the back foot allowing for a more agile, pivoting riding style. A must have for tight tree-line terrain


Premium comfort is the name of the game with the Lennox. Asymmetrical, ergonomic ankle straps and cap straps fit snugly without pressure points and deliver precise board control. Auto-Open functionality means an end to stepping on your straps and easy one-footing on drag lifts.

Tool free strap and forward lean adjustment makes customising the binding on the fly easy. The Lennox’s softer flex and symmetrical highback allow for maximum bone-age.