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When Anian and I founded Amplid more than twelve years ago, skiing and snowboarding were coming to the end of a long period of mutual intolerance. Skiing was no longer stiff, boring and old-fashioned. Snowboarding wasn’t the rebellious, attitude-filled counter culture of the mid 90ies anymore. The two sports had borrowed so heavily from each other by this point, in terms of product and philosophy, that it just didn’t matter if you rode two planks or one. Sure, it was still cool to “hate”, and marketers dreamed-up funny slogans to create a pantomime divide, but most real riders only needed to look left and right on the first chair of the day to see through the bullshit. Amplid was founded in this new era with the ethos that skiing and snowboarding still had much to learn from each other. Working with a team of skiers that I trusted, I could quickly adapt 20+ years of snowboard design experience to skiing. The transition wasn’t difficult, in fact I loved the challenge. My snowboard background gave me an outsider’s approach to ski design which stood-out amongst the dusty heritage brands which were dominant in the market. In my eyes, skiing was just snowboarding with two planks instead of one and this fit perfectly with the thinking of the emerging freeski culture. Amplid blazed its own path and was rewarded with a following of young, progressive skiers. My decision to focus on freeriding with Amplid’s 17/18 collection is about embracing a similar wave of change. Today the design challenges I find too tempting to resist originate from the backcountry. The Facelift touring ski and hard-charging Centrifugal Collection are just a few examples of freeride skis where I could freely experiment with new ideas and once again contribute something different to skiing. Amplid’s mission has always been to create extraordinary skis; by accepting change instead of resisting it, I believe Amplid is fulfilling that promise.