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When Anian and I founded Amplid more than twelve years ago, skiing and snowboarding were coming to the end of a long period of mutual intolerance. Skiing was no longer stiff, boring and old-fashioned. Snowboarding wasn’t the rebellious, attitude-filled counter culture of the mid 90ies anymore. The two sports had borrowed so heavily from each other by this point, in terms of product and philosophy, that it just didn’t matter if you rode two planks or one. Sure, it was still cool to “hate”, and marketers dreamed-up funny slogans to create a pantomime divide, but most real riders only needed to look left and right on the first chair of the day to see through the bullshit. Amplid was founded in this new era with the ethos that skiing and snowboarding still had much to learn from each other. Working with a team of skiers that I trusted, I could quickly adapt 20+ years of snowboard design experience to skiing. The transition wasn’t difficult, in fact I loved the challenge. My snowboard background gave me an outsider’s approach to ski design which stood-out amongst the dusty heritage brands which were dominant in the market. In my eyes, skiing was just snowboarding with two planks instead of one and this fit perfectly with the thinking of the emerging freeski culture. Amplid blazed its own path and was rewarded with a following of young, progressive skiers. My decision to focus on freeriding with Amplid’s 17/18 collection is about embracing a similar wave of change. Today the design challenges I find too tempting to resist originate from the backcountry. The Facelift touring ski and hard-charging Centrifugal Collection are just a few examples of freeride skis where I could freely experiment with new ideas and once again contribute something different to skiing. Amplid’s mission has always been to create extraordinary skis; by accepting change instead of resisting it, I believe Amplid is fulfilling that promise.


B lessed with 120mm of girth underfoot and a rocker-line with less resistance than a dolphin’s undercarriage, the Hill Bill glides effortlessly on top of fresh snow. When the snow is thigh-high and our team riders need buoyancy, it’s the Hill bill they choose. Limited ski taper and minimal setback make the Hill Bill ideal for creative skiers who want the option to ski switch in powder. A short running length, the consequence of exaggerated Jekyll & Hyde Geometry, brings the widest part of the ski closer to the binding. This clever shaping increases the Hill Bill’s agility and playfulness, and reduces swing weight. New this winter a Carbon Pop Band along each ski increases tail resistance for planting landings and adds extra boost from transitions


Whether he is skiing for video parts in the spectacular mountains around his home resort of Tignes, France, or launching into a loaded Japanese pillow line chased by a dozen photographers’ lenses, when team rider Julien Lange goes to work it’s skiing the Multiplayer. The Multiplayer’s 108mm waist and curvy figure find the happy middle between freeride seriousness and freestyle spirit. Smooth-rising Floatation Tips generate plenty of lift in deep snow and have a loose and buttery feel which add a playful character to the Multiplayer. Basalt Suspension Strips keep tip chatter in check. As Julien’s backcountry line choices become higher risk, we’ve added a Carbon Pop Band on the base side of the lay-up on each ski to stiffen the flex for extra stability.


W e solved the “if you could only take one ski” question years ago, with the Rockwell. Peak to park the Rockwell has convinced thousands of skiers that one ski is truly capable of demoting an entire quiver to storage. Its logic-defying geometry bypasses the conventional rules of ski design and stitches together the cranky sidecut and short running length of a resort carver with the surface area and smooth early-rise tips of a powder ski. Reactive and secure on its edges, and lofty in 3D snowpack, the Rockwell has the broadest performance range of any ski in our range. New for the 17/18 winter, Carbon Pop Band reinforcement adds some extra snap, crackle and pop to make the Rockwells even more energized and exhilarating.


The Antidote’s playful flex pattern, symmetrical twin shape and extra-tough construction complete the tick-list for any savvy rail and transition shredder. Moderately stiff underfoot, the Antidote has an ultra-fun sidecut and camber combo that loves carving between hits, regular and switch. If it wasn’t for the smooth, extra-buttery tips the Antidote could easily be mistaken for a more serious ski. A tip-to-tail Carbon Pop Band adds extra ollie pop to the tips and allows presses and butters to be tweaked beyond ridiculous, without the fear of washout. 2.2mm thick Rockwell Steel edges, a tough Extruded 4 base and Amplid’s birch-reinforced Hard Core are the precautions we’ve taken to boost the Antidote’s durability for everyday park abuse.


The facelift isn’t just a lightweight touring ski which will push backcountry tours beyond their current threshold. It’s a tool for creative backcountry skiers to take their own vision of skiing to terrain that they could only imagine before. Built with Amplid’s revolutionary Topless Construction and a featherweight BBP core, the Facelift cuts almost half a kilogram of weight from each ski vs. conventional ski construction. For a ski with 108mm of width underfoot and enough surface area to surf in deep snow, the Facelift literally flies up the skin track. To protect areas of the ski which are vulnerable to chipping during ascents, the Facelift utilizes Tanga Technology, a partial, almost weightless, hard-wearing topsheet.


T he Ego Trip Evolution is a paradox: A lightweight touring ski which planes effortlessly in deep snow, but is enjoyable to ski in mixed snow conditions like spring corn and wind crust. The key to the Evo is its hourglass shape, which pairs a conservative underfoot width of 95mm with an unusually wide, smooth rising, shovel nose. This keeps the Ego Trip Evo fast edge-to-edge and easy to pivot in confined spaces, but guarantees plenty of surface area for getting on top of the pow. In the skin track the Evo’s BBP core, a jigsaw puzzle of Balsa, Birch and Paulownia, dramatically cuts overall weight and additional HEXO2 windows make the tips so light that kick turns whip-around in an instant.

In the 12 years since Anian and I founded Amplid, I’ve designed hundreds of different ski geometries. Recently, I’ve gravitated-towards more accessible and playful skis with curvy 5D shapes, like the Rockwell and Hill Bill, so when my team and I began concepting around the “Centrifugal Collection” I saw it as an opportunity to break out of the current Amplid cast. I wanted to build something remarkable for a totally different type of skier: Perhaps a skier that hasn’t discovered Amplid yet, or even better, somebody that already relates to Amplid’s philosophy and has been waiting for the right ski. Growing up in the shadow of the Alps, I’ve been surrounded by alpine ski racing my whole life. Many of my chairlift buddies were raised on race skis, and until I discovered snowboarding at 18, that was my path too. I can tell you from experience, 10 years of gate-bashing builds a strong skiing technique and a taste for the Centrifugal! I guess, when I boil it down, this selection is about taking-on the challenge of building freeride skis for the skiers who never lost interest in speed and technique. The three unique skis in the Centrifugal Collection are designed with the sole purpose of holding a line at speed. Each of them is focused on different terrain and snow conditions, but they all share a thread of DNA, manifested in their geometry, materials and technologies, that embraces high velocities and precision piloting. They are bold, brash and brutal, and a day of pulling maximum G-Forces by arcing turns will destroy your calves. They will have you totally hooked


Big-Mountain skiing requires absolute commitment. The slightest hint of indecision is the moment a dream line becomes rag-dolling nightmare. The White Noise was created to maximise your self-belief and crush big lines. Its race-ski inspired layup, with Titanal bands above and below the core, is the basis of a construction designed for smooth behaviour in rough terrain, and dependable grip on hard snow. New AntiphaseTM damping technology sucks up destabilizing vibrations and chatter with remarkable efficiency. Contrasting to Amplid’s more playful backcountry skis, the White Noise has an almost-conventional freeride ski shape with a 22m sidecut (@189cm) and more taper and setback for control at speed. But it’s not “all work and no play”, the mini swallow tail adds a lick of character for more surfy lines.


S corch your local resort trails with the Time Machine. Clocking up kilometers and railing perfect arcs is what this ski does best. At 90mm underfoot the Time Machine revels in hard-pack conditions, but don’t bet against it in chop and powder, it’ll blast through that too. Titanal Centribelt Technology placed above and below the core increases the Time Machine’s torsional rigidity, which amplifies edge hold. Combined with AntiphaseTM, a pioneering damping system, its construction irons-out the bumps for a very controlled skiing experience. Unlike many skis in its waist range, the Time Machine doesn’t mess around with tip rocker. Full-length Pop Camber and a hooky, multi-radial sidecut keep the feeling of the Time Machine reactive and thrilling to ski. At last, a ski that lets you put all those years of gate training to good use!


Based on the legendary Infrablack, the Infraglass retains its predecessors awesome big-mountain capabilities but loses a little of its savagery. With its gargantuan 126mm width and intimidating 29m sidecut, the Infraglass is the ski of choice for taking care of big-mountain business. The Infraglass’ triaxial fiberglass laminates balance the need for both stability at speed and forgiveness. AntiphaseTM, an exciting new damping technology developed in-house at Amplid, keeps tip-chatter and vibrations in check so that fast descents remain under control. Prominent tip-rocker and tail-rise help the ski to pivot in deep snow, but don’t deplete the Infraglass’ ability to stomp big landings. From AK to Chamonix, when the peaks get taller, the snowpack deeper and the terrain more raucous, it’s time to unleash these big guns..