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Since 2004, innovation and quality have been at the heart of Amplid. This new line of boards remains true to those values, but it delivers them with more focus and confidence than any preceding collection. In recent years, a growing demand for innovations with real benefits is making increasing numbers of snowboarders aware of Amplid. Just a single turn on an UNW8 or a handful of strides on the Milligram reveal the potential payback of riding such outstanding products. It’s why the demo tent has become Amplid’s proving ground and word-of-mouth its most effective marketing tool. Building boards for customers who demand extraordinary products gives me freedom. I’m not under pressure to create commercial giants with “mass-appeal” that sell in their thousands. I have the freedom to invest my time in developing snowboards with undeniable character, which increase the heartbeat and expand the parameters of materials and geometry: I am in my element doing this. Refining the range meant dropping some classics and introducing some new ideas. Rooted in 30 years of carving know-how, the Centrifugal Collection is a three-board-quiver for riders with an edge fetish. New and retro geometry ideas and AntiphaseTM, a pioneering damping technology, come together in this timeless capsule collection which will blow away expectations. And because nothing ever stands still at Amplid, my team and I have meticulously tweaked every board in the line to improve them further. Snowboarders eyes are open to new ideas like never before. As a champion of innovation and quality, I believe that Amplid has never been more relevant than now.